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eating too much fruit side effects

And sometimes also an apple as a snack. I never had any “trots” or bloating or anything. Am eating alot of oranges n sugarcane.i don’t think am doing my body a service. Thanks for this post! I have tried to start my mornings with hot lemon water and drink green tea later during the day , Ive started to eat chobani Greek yogurt — plain of course. I have hit a weight plateau this summer. It seems the past few decades of government sponsored nutrition messages to eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day have been lost in a game of telephone. I realize it’s the middle of summer and just about every fruit worth eating is in season. Now I know I’m eating way to much fruit. I could exist on fruit alone if I don’t focus on eating something else. I probably would have been more successful with my weight loss. A lot of foods I eat are not high in calories, I like to use MFP, but they have points in WW. I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life! I’ve actually gained weight & im having a problem losing it! I am dealing with being bloated to the point that my period cramps keep me in bed sleeping all day! Lily….thank you for this. When it increases the volume of acid, it goes up through the esophagus, causing symptoms and burns. Thanks so much for the lesson… Sitting here eating a Barlett Pear and wondering if “there is such a thing as eating too much fruit”… Google it and your post popped up… After reading your article I have to say that #1 is what I identified most… Even while munching more than halfway through my pear while reading, my stomach began grumbling and I started to feel bloated… it was my fourth fruit today… I have drastically changed my diet… past three weeks… cut out all junk food and processed carbs …. I just found this and everything I can agree with. Save ’em for later. That’s the only reason I think I’m not feeling a lot worse right now. According to a 2017 study in, , eating fruits (and vegetables) correlated with an increase in psychological well-being in young adults. As Bellatti noted, fruit is not a good source of iron or zinc, both of which are crucial components of a healthy diet. Thanks. 2 pieces of fruit (plus a lemon, which has very low amounts of sugar) is perfectly healthy. Eating the right amount of vegetables can promote the intestinal peristalsis and bowel movements, provide the body with necessary micronutrients, and play effect, so as to guarantee the normal function of the organs in human body. I waited for the dreaded burning, bloating and nausea. Good luck on your journey, Georgina. I have found I’ve gained weight. Over the last couple of days I have had severe bloating and pain, so maybe eating maybe 3x the amount of fruit I normally have has caused the symptoms described. And people contradicting there stories. Glad I came across this article. Do I have your approval to continue this high fruit intake, or should I get sensible one more time? I only eat until I feel satisfied…but some days I eat as many as 4- 6 bananas… and that is just bananas. No problems at all after eating fruit.” When I was ready to declare my unconditional love for fruits and to declare that fruit and my body were a match made in heaven… I stopped cold at the “not loosing weight” suggestion. For me, the fruit does wonders on my body in every aspect and is definitely a super strong healer and hydration tool. I’ve been struggling to figure out what is upsetting off my liver and why I’m so darn hungry. I follow Weight Watchers but I haven’t lost a signal lb all year despite following the rules strictly. Although I will eat whatever I crave on Sunday, I find myself not over indulging. Your only redeeming point was about whole fruit being superior to juice due to the fibre. Thank for the tip! At lunch I make a smoothie with fresh frozen blueberry, strawberry, raspberry. Haha it’s funny to think that people actually believe this crap. Right on for me. I bloated, cramped, burped and all the other ghastly results of over-fruiting. Well no!! I have been praying to figure out the culprit and I believe I have found it. Sometimes a huge bowl of the lot. Too much of anything is unhealthy, we all know that, but if you’re going to claim that you’re eating too much fruit simply because “you love juice” then I’m sorry but you’re just not being serious. hell, I identify with all of them except the juice/smoothie one. Thanks for your information. , My symptom is i’m farting every five minutes and they smell like i’ve been eating skunks. I’ve been smashing an apple, a banana, a peach, a couple of carrots and usually a handful of grapes at work, plus adding blueberries to my weetabix in the morning, and I’ve been feeling quite smug about it. I managed the ‘one a day’ (usually blueberries, plus the other veggies) until today when I caved, and have eaten 1 1/2 apples, cup of blueberries, lots of mango, 2 nectarines, some kiwi and some melon. On vacation. But I feel I may well be satisfying a fructose craving that will keep my belly too big and firm, even bloated. Glad you found some pearls in here, Trista! Is it possible for a higher glucose ratio fruit cause this problem as well? I’m starting to believe the main culprit was too much fruit eating. Thank for the tip. i usually have approximately 15-20 portion per day… lol this is not funny. I Start with Bran cereal and grapefruit. There age. Going to re think my food intake..feel quite ill at mo…just want the bloating to settle. If you really want bonus points, make one (or both) of those portions berries. It also meant no pizza crust & no potatoes or high carb fruits (apricots & my beloved bananas, etc.) Side note: Fruit actually helps regulate blood sugar for diabetics when added to meals despite that fact it has (god forbid) natural fructose (the devil, right?!). Hi, I’m mother of 4 children and after kids being last 2 months bringing from school one thing or the other I decided seriously be strict on their diet (Iactually never thought I fed kids with unhealthy foods as always cooked from scratch but seems like it wasn’t healthy enough =)))) and work on boosting their immune system. i think I can relate. "Naturally occurring. Some of the common side effects associated with statins are muscle breakdown, liver damage, digestive problems, increased blood sugar, neurological side effects, joint pain, and muscular pain. If you’re still battling the scale after adopting healthier habits, you might consider looking at your fruit intake. Thanks for sharing, Tim. I have had a bloated stomach and have not lost any weight even though I have stopped drinking wine as well. (5) (5) Grapefruit, grapefruit juice, and related oils and extracts can also interact with certain medications. It may also lead to fainting and difficulty in swallowing. Some people argue that there's no limit to the amount of fruit you can eat daily, and follow a fruitarian diet, subsisting primarily on apples, oranges, and the like. Been veg for 42 years. I told my husband maybe I am eating too much fruit. Sandee lee. , A Chiropractor told me 4 years ago that fructose does spike your insulin weather a person has diabetes or not. But the monk fruit is getting a great deal of attention these days from health-conscious foodies, sugar-free devotees, and those in the diabetes community. Given the reliance on these factory foods, I would think more people would be experiencing reactions? I always wanted that no prescription and no medical problem at the age of 86. I would describe myself as a fruit junkie (6 servings easily in a day). For your constipation maybe try eating watermelon as one of your servings of fruit? ), and that peach with a handful of almonds. I have been operated for cancer in 2014, and I and not able to swollow whole foods. I can explain more offline as I’m not here to bash you in any way. But i searched more and saw your article. !” I am going to cut back on fruits. This is my first time leaving a comment but what you wrote is so informative that I had to honestly thank you. and i mean pain. I really need to shed about ten pounds to be at a comfortable weight. Whoops, I have been eating about 3 portions a day. Really interested because I feel the need for fat with it, nuts or cream. luckily salads and veggies are my favourite, so to cut out fruit was not an issue. After about a week, my stomach had a bloating sensation. Despite its marvellous benefits, eating watermelon in large quantity can actually cause harm to your body . This makes perfect sense and I have recently began running 4 times a week and yet have put ON weight! I am going to check with my doctor who will say that same thing I’m sure. Ever since starting a longterm diet for14 years I’ve been eating much more daily fruit. I think I will stick to 2. I’m gassy and family complains about that. I am constantly bloated, I cannot stop eating, I crave sugar all the time, I am gaining weight, and its overall made me hate fruit but I cannot stop eating it. Cucumbers make a great base for green juice in place of fruit. I work long hours and often get hungry so grab a piece of fruit. Thank you very much for the article The Sign That You Eat too Much Fruits. I use one of those bullet things and a normal smoothie consists of banana, apple, pear, kiwi, strawberrys , natural yoghurt , almond milk and porridge oats. In total shock that you can eat too much fruit! Absolutely enjoy fruit but just like any sweet do so as a treat especially if you have digestive and sugar sensitivity like I do! I am now sure that too much fruit is making me very fatigued, but you can see the dilemma I am in. But after I read this article , I think that I eat too much fruits and to big potion in a day for a year. I’ll be changing my diet!! I think I’m eating too much fruit because even though I don’t do any processed foods and i workout 4-5 times a week my weight won’t budge and the belly fat is there. and lemon (for flavor). I have been attending a well known slimming group for longer than I car to remember and had moderate success. Most fruits have been bred to be larger and contain more fructose than their great grand parents (the original apple was about as large and sweet as a crab apple), so you can understand how the human body might not have the skills to handle it. You generally experience heart attacks 3. And I did! It’s horrible to have that at night, so I looked this up here – and you explained, very well, thank you, what I’ve been doing wrong! It’s going to be really hard but now I know I have to cut way back. I have been eating excellent, maintaining about a 1500 calorie day with nuts, greens, salmon, chicken, veggies, aaaaand FRUIT! Yes, for the purpose of this article, I’m referring to the types of fruit that are rich in natural sugars (rather than the botanical definition). It really is all about the diet though. I’ve been eating a very fresh and clean diet for a couple years, but fruit has been a large portion of it. As I said I am going to cut down to 2 portions a day but should I cut down on lemon in water? You say you don’t eat meat, but then say you eat fish? I feel soooo much better. I live in FLA so am fortunate to have fresh fruit and veggies year round. These are just some that I know I like but wouldn’t know how to make them without adding tons of butter to make them taste so good so if you can please send me some suggestions. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? He recommended iron tablets and said you need to take a vitamin supplement C so the iron absorbed into your system. Everyone else in the program is losing tremendous amounts of weight. Hi Lily, Your words of wisdom have really helped open my eyes!! They are in pill form. Definitely noted. One only needs to cut the portions down a little, and keep your total calories at a level to sustain your own lifestyle. Now I know. with excruciating pain in his upper abdomen and middle back. Well, this is a fatal complication for health. I wondered if you knew which things if any I could try. My husband, who is into eating well and exercising has been telling me how unhealthy my smoothies are for a long time. For the most part, however, whole, fresh fruit is a healthful component of any diet, as long as it is enjoyed in some amount of moderation. Despite its marvellous benefits, eating watermelon in large quantity can actually cause harm to your body. I am already lactose intolerant so when my stomach reacts like this my first thought is “Did I gave dairy”? It was tho you wrote the article just for me. I just can’t stop, the more I eat the more I want. But here is my worry, I used to eat a couple of apples and a banana a day, but I am now eating as much as a whole punnet of strawberries, a whole cantaloupe melon, 3 or 4 bananas, and an apple or 2 EACH day. I will be downloading your ebook and trying a few of the recepies! I eat about 4 pieces of fruit a day, whole. Yet , I did consume quite a few bananas and mangos, I lost weight and the bloating. Fruit makes me nervous but happy. Not only is this article complete BS, I can’t believe this person identifies herself as a nutritionist when there is a statement in here about fruit “spiking blood sugar” (completely untrue and proven so by SCIENCE). I LOVE summer fruits and eat mango, paw paw, banana, passionfruit, blueberries, sometimes nectarine and peach. It took me until Saturday before I felt properly well again, I didn’t link the blueberries at all. I have lost all my fat. She is not understanding that it’s healthier for the kids to have the 5 serves of fruit than replacing them with junk food. I would think nothing of eating 6 apricots, 4 peaches and a couple of apples in a day…. <– Tweet that! I have stage 4 cancer (liver) I’m eating probably 6 bowls of fresh fruit a fay. I eat a 75% fruit diet (counting tomatoes as a fruit) and 20% vegetables. Definitely going back to my usual (for January) meals tomorrow – measuring my 80g of berries and not having any other fruits. As always, thank you for your food advice! Thanks!!! For instance, since childhood, I’ve always eaten tons of grapes. She clearly did not say that fruit is bad! An hour later, I am full on vomitting with runny bloody diarrhea. 1&3 is exactly what I’m experiencing. I usually have more than I probably pay attention to with additions to my cereal and snacking clementine while jogging the 5 mile Prairie I do everyday (did I mention EVERY DAY ha ha) aaaaaaand so when I get on the scale and I see NOOOOOOO budge on the scale? As Bellatti noted, fruit is not a good source of iron or zinc, both of which are crucial components of a healthy diet. Probably about 7 portions per day. So in order to be able to give him wider variety of fruit I started to make smoothies in the morning and evening after meals. Recently I tested the acidity of my saliva—it was 6.4. I forgot to mention that in my daily nutrabullet drink I also add raw coconut oil, hemp ground. I hear you loud and clear. I decided to go ‘low carb’ about 6 weeks ago. I never comment but your comment is just beyond ridiculous that I couldn’t help sure do have a friend in healthy but not apparently happy Mr. if someone does read this , i hope you find it in your heart to help me as id love nothing more to save my life right now. But thank you so so much for this read! Their fiber content reduces their glycemic index lower than most friuits. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and I see much improvement in the way I feel and weight, but was concerned about my fruit intake . This post affirms that it is perfectly fine to just have 2 servings of fruits and not feel guilty that I am unable to have more. This was super informative! Someone else told me this years ago, and it changed my life. Also we have fruit purees. Such an interesting read, I am a google-holic and after googling ‘eating too much fruit’ your page appeared! That triggers our body to release insulin to lower the blood sugar. its horrible and nothing helps it go. So this is why my man doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed same bed as me afternoon I’ve eaten a bucket of fruit?? I guess every body Is different. But can I be sad for a minute? Quite the opposite for me. In this study, the “high fruit group” wasn’t even eating an entire apple daily! im now 54 and life isnt the same. Not to mention he showed me a slide show of how fructose does affect even sleep because it interferes in the intestine and don’t allow Tryptophan to produce! Oh my gosh. Papayas are ideal snacks as they limit the calorie intake while keeping you full for a longer time. I would have had about a half a bucket of greens in my large juice for breakfast, so probably overdid it! Every morning I extract collard green , spinach , kale, beet, cucumbers , carrots, small piece ginger , and small raw turmeric, cilantro, apple . However, this depends on the dosage and context and does not apply to fruit. I’ve heard that people often crave foods containing nutrients their bodies can’t digest properly. I would love to be able to eat some fruit or veg but struggle with anything. I do this thinking I would lose more weight and it is healthier. Hi Lily, I came across your post after I googled, “Will I have painful moments if I switch to eating only fresh fruits and vegetables? And we ate candy while we drove around. If we wanna get fancy we’ll throw in raw cacao powder and add avocado to make them really creamy chocolate! I definitely eat to much, think I’m addictive to fruit. So even though you didn’t take out the fiber like you would when juicing, you did impact the rate at which your body will absorb the sugar in your smoothie. Very helpful. And I’ll continue but I also would like to add more dairy back into my diet (I haven’t drank any milk for about a week) but I think it conflicts with the fruit or something because I know that makes me feel full more quickly. Typically, my food plan includes 1 large banana each morning and one large orange for lunch. I love that you provided guidelines for how much is acceptable, and I think I will try some of those protein/fat combos to give my snacks more heft. But that “healthy habit” might not be doing you any favors. Hypertension. Just recently I have upped my protein intake a little to better accommodate my bodybuilding lifestyle. I too am a weight watcher. By mechanically breaking up the cellular structure of fiber, our body has more immediate access to the sugars contained in the smoothie. I don’t eat junk food or much sugar and I exercise daily. Yes I have lost weight and feel better but have been feeling bloated a lot lately and cannot lose the belly fat. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but my clothes are swimming on me. Thank you and ill try to keep you posted . Over-consumption of dragon fruits may cause slight reddish urine and feces which is harmless. Owww and I thought this was better than the junk. Drank 2.5 fresh mango smoothies yesterday. Thanks for reading this! Although I am very, very active and not overweight at all I struggle with cravings and constantly being hungry. lost my daily kcal budget decreased so I started eating lots of fruit and trying to eat clean believing that I was eating healthy. After reading your very informative article, I fall under #1. thns for sharing this wonderful content. I love fruit do not like beg make myself eatveg. 14 Side Effects Of Eating Too Many Bananas. My weight have not dropped at all. I want to continue to have the fresh fruit and now I know what to eat and what not to eat. I exercise everyday, that is walking to/from work, and walking at lunchtime, and gyming for at least 1.5 hours 4 times a week, and yet.. It’s going to be hard to eat a lot less fruit, but I think it’s worth a try. Thank you for this article as it was really eye opening! Definitely eating rice today. Only to find myself in the early hours with a painful stomach and running to the loo. I am wondering if before or after a workout you can allow yourself to be a little heavier on the fruits to refill the glycogene reserve used during a high intensity workout. ), Try to limit your fruit intake. I have eaten (now I think) too much fruit for the last few years. Yes, it has fiber, which helps a bit, but it’s not enough to prevent a crash in blood sugar after eating fruit. You might stop at 1 or 2 apples if you’re munching on them fresh, but 2 apples worth of juice is just a few gulps. Dinner is typically fish with a large salad. It stands to reason that if the banana is a stand-out on the glycemic index for a person (higher than the rest of her diet), that spike will have a greater effect than on someone who eats poorly. I was also told that I now have IBS. I eat 2 or 3 fruits every morning but not half cups of each. I was raised a meat eater and became a massive fruit eater some months ago but I still don’t suffer from any of the points you described. Great article! egg one a day. I love veggies too but fruit is my weakness . Thanks for the article. In brief, any time we eat carbohydrates our blood sugar goes up. In general if you have poor gut flora then you can have all sorts of digestion troubles (and a lot of other issues too). Highlights. But now, I know better and will try to cut back on the fruit. I have been trying to lose weight now for 6 month via weight watchers and haven’t lost a pound but i eat at least 5 portions of fruit a day. I do not eat pork , beef for a year now. Yes, particularly if you're over 40 and have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure , or both. Thank you so much for your article! I am in pretty good shape except I have a small gut I can not seem to loose. I then looked at the difference in food I was eating compared to at home.

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