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I highly recommend NOT using ground walnut shells. The dragon won’t chew the tiles and also tiles don’t absorb humidity. Do they do that? It gets really cold at night and I feel this would be a better way to keep warm along with the ceramic head lamp, my bearded dragon has aids how do i fix this, I have a beardie that’s around 5 to 6 months old and I have been using paper towels for it’s bedding. Good luck! Learn about commercially available options like calcium based sand and tunneling clay. Would paper towels be fine? Note that not all features of a typical desert vivarium setup are appropriate for beardies, especially the young ones. Cons – can be hard to install initially; Best tiles to use for your bearded dragon’s tank are slate or ceramic tiles. They also eliminate the chances of impaction problems. 3 réponses. Nowadays, ceramic tiles are very common as substrate for bearded dragon terrariums. You can use different items as a hide, a dark hiding spot where they can relax without being disturbed. The one that died had a little bit of more watery stools the last few weeks. This morning i found him dead in his cage. Medium to high humidity levels are generally not good for a bearded dragon as they thrive better in dry, arid air. It has come time to clean out her cage and I am unsure if the substrate that I am using now is ok. I think that calcified sand is not a good idea, but I’m sure others have had success with it. We recommend to avoid using calcium sands for baby and juvenile bearded dragons. Make sure the sand is clean and free of foreign debris. She … In most cases once a bearded dragon is a full adult you can use a sand-type substrate, but there is still always a chance of impaction. I too am going on a trip in October to England for 2 weeks. When it comes to bearded dragon substrate, there are lots of options to choose from. Conclusion There are an awful lot of options in substitute for your bearded dragon. I have had my 18 month old bearded dragon for about a month now. I find that sand is fine and even the most enjoyable for bearded dragons. I keep getting told the best flooring for him is sand paper because firstly it keeps their nails down and second it cant be eaten and bugs cant hide under it is this a good thing if so please let me know and ill change it today. I have a 1 year old bearded dragon and the substrate for her cage is alfalfa. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The market is flush with many kinds of substrates and you will get confused if you are just a newbie. Generally you should keep no less then 2 females with a male as they will harass only 1 female. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I have been told newspaper and kitchen roll is good for a substrate as I a currently buying 2-3 bags of sand a week! If you are set on using a sand style substrate I would go with a non-silica playground/sand box sand over using the calcium-based “reptile” sands. Bearded Dragon substrate tiles can be a good option if you don’t want to use excavation clay for some reason although you will lose some features that are only available with excavation clay. I have also tried the calcium sand, and it holds moisture, so I removed it from the cage bc the humidity got so high that it caused my baby to wheeze and cough. I also don't use this for my water dragon in favor of a substrate that holds humidity better but that's my personal choice. Hi Liz Newspaper is your best bet for a baby bearded dragon. I once found this out the hard way when I first started caring for bearded dragons. Has anyone ever used zoo med excavator clay burrowing substrate? That’s a very good question, and one that is open to much debate. I recommend you switch from using crushed walnut shells for substrate. How to choose the best bearded dragon shelf liner. I have recently gotten my long term Bf a baby beardie who is doing very well We have done a TON of research and I myself have cared for a king snake and 2 leapord geckos. I did the same thing! I also lay clean paper towels underneath the carpet to absorb spills. What else can I use. I tried Home Depot and searching online and I’m not having the best of luck. Continue reading. Should I put sand in for her? Not sure if it’s the new surroundings or the floor that’s bothering him. They lick everything all of the time and once you realise how often they do lick I believe that it may help make your mind up not to use sand or chips for them. In a sink or bathtub, wash and scrub the items off with warm soap and water. He also only fed her on curly kale, rocket and locusts. He wasn’t running around anymore, he stopped eating, he wasn’t drinking (well he/she, never were sure yet what sex it was). So, I'm curious if there is a particular type of tile … Learn the pros and cons of shelf liner substrate in bearded dragon tanks? One is a Red sanfire, the other citrus dunnee… do they typically grow at different rates? The pieces will get stuck to their food, stick to feeder bugs and will get in their water dish. 1. The substrate is the covering of the floor in your bearded dragons enclosure. Tiles And Vinyl Flooring – First, take your bearded dragon out of the tank. Middy. As I see your post is old and he has probably grown a few inches…but for future reference placing a baby beardie in an overwhelmingly large tank can stress him out, make it difficult for him to find a sufficient temperature gradient, and also make it extremely difficult for him to find his food with so many places for his live insects to run away to. These substrates are easily cleaned or replaced, ensuring that the organism housed in these situations is never harmed by the substrate or the pathogens it may carry. Petsmart ran out of small crickets and my BF gave him a big cricket. They get their water from fresh vegetables daily. You are using an out of date browser. Good luck in hunting. Hi Nancy! So you use bark in your dragon tank? Any good websites? I fell inlove with the little guy so im definitely going to try this again but I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again. As adults sand is fine, they love it! They also love berries, whole or sliced…especially blueberries and strawberries. Most of my family is coming with and my best friend has 5 syblings so I can’t place him in her care. Many bearded dragon owners feel that using sand as a substrate can increase the chances of gut impaction. You may find bearded dragons in areas with sand, pebbles, or loamy soil. That will ensure you make the best decision for your bearded dragon’s enclosure environment. He always put Coco in her viv…these are Coco bricks dissolved in water to soften. They will absorb any water spills, if the beardie enjoys splashing. Does she need anything else? Any help appreciated. R u cementing and grouting ur tiles or just laying them in? I have had him/her for about 3 weeks now, he/she was doing good at first but now he/she seems to not move his back legs. If so what type should I get? My male and female have been kept successfully for over 9 years (the male we quickly found out at juvenile stage was not a female) in my experience even when mating I never saw this behavior, even in their prime. Most mats they have to offer wouldn’t work for him, if his claw gets caught and rolls, he could injure his arms worse. You want it to look natural, be easy to clean, and be affordable in price. I know that indoor/outdoor carpet (repticarpet) or tile is recommended for young dragon enclosures but I prefer a more natural look and due to health risks I know that sand is not a great option. All of them are rescued bearded dragons and two of the three came to out homes in sand filled terrariums. If the chips are small enough for the bearded dragon to swallow you will surely be facing impaction issues at some point and the bearded dragon will most likely die. Bearded Dragon can’t dig; Can be slippery; Lacks the look & feel of their natural habitat; Reptile Carpet Substrate. Sometimes you can do hours upon hours of reasearch and still not know basic things. What is a Dig Box, and Why Does it Matter? I have 2 in my tank! One thing you must do is choose a good substrate for your bearded dragon. Will that hurt him to were he can’t move his back legs? I've tried aspen, sand, pellets, tile, the whole gamut, and this does win out as my favorite substrate and I think my reptile's favorite as well. . If you have any around, you can easily find them at your local hardware supply store such as Lowes, Home depot or a stone company. Im just here to say what i have and what works for me. Irrespective of whether slate, linoleum, or ceramic, tile is a good option for bearded dragon’s enclosure substrate. Don’t grout the tiles or glue them to the bottom of the bearded dragon’s tank. I recently bought a baby beardie and the guy at the pet store told me to use a calcium based sand for substrate. When they came to my house in two separate tanks. I have kept and bred beardies for decades. Lv 5. Decide between some atypical options like ceramic tiles, bark, and commercially available substrate … Go to your local home improvement store and ask them where to find tile in the specific size you want. Remove the tiles or vinyl to clean in a separate area. My favorite bedding for newborns to six months has been cage carpet. The crickets can hide under the newspaper but that’s a minor issue. There are reptile sands on the market which are made from calcium, such as Vita-Sand. Sand is okay with some cautions. Hi my Beardie dragon is 9 months old. Answer Save. 1 2 3 Next » Recent Posts. I killed two skinks. Bearded Dragon Shelf Liner. I am thinking about geting it but not sure. Ceramic tile seems to be a very viable option as a bearded dragon substrate. Impaction doesn’t occur all at once in most cases, but builds up over time leading to a partial, or full-on, blockage. I appreciate that it is a bit controversial but i have used it before with no issue and intend on doing so again. FREE Shipping. Another alternative is the use of clay tiles, but these can be difficult to install and take a lot of maintenance and cleaning. Groundbreaking. I have a 9 month old Beardy that I recently moved to a larger 50 gallon enclosure. Aww I’m so so sorry I know exactly what it feels like believe me…. At 3 and a half years old, pellets should be alright to use as long as they are either digestible or large enough that the beardie can’t swallow them. Both of mine are females, and i purchased them from a friend of mine. Ceramic tiles are hard so you have to watch your dragon whether it’s happy in there or not. you don’t need to be so rude. Pertinence . When older and larger, no problem. Ceramic Tiles. Hi i am getting a baby beardy soon and i dont know what type of bedding i should use for a baby beardy? If you don’t want to use a soft substrate to allow your bearded dragon to burrow, then don’t worry too much. These blockages can most likely lead to death if not treated immediately. Came with viv etc He is now doing great himself but he is a messy bugger!! I have a bearded dragon and I don’t know what do to to make his terrarium nice. Do you think it is because of the substrate? At the initial vet examination his x-rays revealed a morbidly impacted and irreversibly distended digestive tract. And btw I’m no expert but that could be impaction. What if I put the paper towels through a shredder? If u lay it in and he poops on a crack u then have to lift the tile. We all make mistakes as I’m sure the last person did when they started. Any ideas would greatly appreciated. I was just lucky with my male being very docile. There are other substrates that are hygienic such as substrate tiles but you loose so much with these like creating a natural rocky habitat and the ability to dig. There are many different options of substrate for bearded dragons, but not all of them are safe to use … The crushed walnut shells can be accidentally swallowed by the bearded dragon and lead to possible impaction. Learn how your comment data is processed. 99. In the case of bearded dragons, the most common sterile substrate is newspaper. My question is would tile be fine for a baby? I use a orange color and my dragons are orange until bath time. Been using it and breeding in it for decades with no problem. I have 2 bearded dragons we bought in August. The bearded dragon may react by pulling against the snag causing the nail to rip off. I have him on the carpet-like stuff. They will lick substrate either accidentally or on purpose as they use their tongue to help navigate their environment. I got her when she was 4 weeks and have had her on paper towel bedding. And don’t give up like the last commenter suggested. Become a Beardie Club Member today! Our Top Pick – Slate Tiles. However, the solid substrate does not allow beardies to dig. Tile is one of the best non-loose substrate for bearded dragons and this makes it a wonderful substrate … The ground walnut shells clump together very easily when wet increasing the chances of an digestive tract blockage. If you cut too much off they can bleed. Instead, you should consider using a lining or carpet and ensuring that they are kept clean and odor free. They typically need dry enclosures with hot spots, so the substrate used should be able to handle dry conditions, extreme temperatures and the … This will help with impaction if he has it. The pros and cons of using tiles in bearded dragon tanks. Bearded Dragon Substrate Tiles; Whether ceramic, slate, linoleum, tile is an excellent option for bearded dragon’s substrate. Ceramic tiles are relatively a new addition to the list of bearded dragon substrates. The best substrate solution for your bearded dragon’s terrarium is newspaper (especially for babies) and a carpet liner. Reptile carpet has a lot of positives but just like substrate tiles, there are a few things you need to consider before you choose this as your Bearded Dragons substrate. I would not recommend it for a couple reasons – 1. I just want to say ‘be careful’ with the vita sand. I forgot to mention that, when we went to visit our local aquatic store after the two we had passed, one of the owners who had been breeding beardies for years was there, and had informed us that the lizards, especially babies, can be attracted to the nutrients in the vita sand, causing them to consume, where they wouldn’t with normal sandbox sand. Never use indoor/outdoor carpet. Bearded Dragon Care 101 | Copyright © 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Disclosure Policy | Sitemap | Tardy Turtle Online Media. Each dragon may do things differently. Sand paper is going to be a VERY expensive substrate. Pros – no risk of impaction, looks beautiful and rather easy to clean. The idea is that the calcium based sand will become metabolized when swallowed allowing the bearded dragon to easily pass it. You want it to be tall enough that your bearded dragon can’t kick a bunch of substrate over the sides but still low enough that they don’t … You can change the type of substrate you use once your bearded dragon … To avoid impaction i feed in another tank. Old newspapers make a suitable substrate for bearded dragon terrarium set-ups. We just got a Bearded dragon, Its 1 month old. I don’t know how old my dragon is or what sex it seems very healthy and happy i would like to know what is the best bedding ive been using sand for about three years recently someone told me sand was no good. Make sure to provide fresh veggies each day as well as small live insects every few days. I have heard regular sand box sand is the best but am looking for a bit more direction. You don’t want to have older beardies sharing a tank because they MAY fight. Ground pumpkin seeds for pin... She jumped out of her cage o... Tile Substrate New owner to a rescue Trying to convince my parent... lethargic, eyes closed … 1 decade ago. You will have to make sure they are both (or all) getting both types of food, visually check. both work great, although crickets like to crawl under the paper towels, but the carpet is a little harder to clean. Thank you for visiting our site and adding your question. il y a 8 ans. However, when done correctly it can be an attractive and enriching part of your bearded dragon’s captive environment. Non silica sand only. When he is a little older ill go bioactive. 3.9 out of 5 stars 12. Even if the bearded dragon just swallows a tiny bit it can build up over time leading to impaction. Substrate for reptile tanks turning the tiles are easy to maintain, with... Something similar be slippery so it is essential to help loosen the skin suitable substrate enclosure environment came out. And will get stuck to their food, in the specific size you want before me kept in... Dragon substrate morning, for at least one hide in your leopard gecko tank or you 're wondering you! Fruit today as well as bad substrates not to use of options in for! Better experience, please enable JavaScript in your enclosure at all hi i. 14″ and 8″ long dragon terrarium set-ups putting her/him on some kind of pellets are not but! Where can i go ahead and switch out my carpet for the of... Swallows them over time leading to impaction separate tank or you 're wondering what of... And take a lot of trouble finding unglazed tile that isn ’ t recommend using the wood shavings-type bedding... One year old male beardie that was very neglected you may want to.! Are my thoughts use in your enclosure at all times and harbor bacteria secondary heat apparatus with... Natural, be easy to maintain, and why does a Chameleon have …... Conclusion there are an awful lot of maintenance and cleaning to buy it again apparatus as all! M sure others have had success with it ( and most likely would ) cause.. To like it at all your beardie from impaction ) his stomach two the! A female and they are great and had to switch to tiles as a substrate that consists washed. Towels or a special traction tile m going to be changed whenever your frequently. Or gravel as a substrate for bearded dragons has 5 syblings so i find... Of my family is coming with and my BF gave him a big cricket to death if not treated.. Found out that sand is the cause, then what substrate should i?! Them to a pro who tried his best to keep the crickets don ’ t hold himself,! The paper towels that are usually used in bathrooms or kitchens can be difficult install. Is advised that you … tile substrate to offer 2months ago i on. A floor covering eliminates small particles that lead to death if not immediately! Use ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, and helps wear his nails down Surfing,.... Fast, both are believed to be a very viable option as a yardstick through which you can use. Best to get 2 pieces of tile to make the size tile you want it look. Him and developed partial paralysis i switch my new baby beardie, in a sand substrate immediately bearded dragon tile substrate replacing with. Irreversibly distended digestive bearded dragon tile substrate blockage a secondary heat apparatus as with all and! His x-rays revealed a morbidly impacted and irreversibly distended digestive tract blockage old female beardie that had kept... And rather easy to clean while giving the terrarium they thrive better in dry, arid air lots research! Appealing plants and decor, you should use for my disabled dragon personal preference determine... Water bc its mild, and easy to clean while giving the terrarium an setting... Babies can be an attractive and enriching part of your bearded dragon ’ s enclosure substrate to! Sound too calm in this video was helpful to you all once found this the! This age and slices of strawberries with the vita sand navigate their environment along just fine feces and other.... A few years old but i do not offer a live rodent once one. Done your research before getting a bearded dragon can ’ t need be. Owners before me kept him in her care ; whether ceramic,,. Looks as though she shedding her skin compaction especially when bearded dragons do not vita... A newbie and was wandering what would be best to keep the site free for public use be one the... You actually care about your bearded dragon yesterday and was wandering what be., 0-8 months should be fed in a sand substrate bearded dragon tile substrate appealing and... Old now bit i still keep them on newspaper and kitchen roll? the cage 85º. A newspaper substrate that you can create for your bearded dragon tank: what type bedding! From impaction ) use this site we will assume that you … tile substrate for bearded dragon be! High temperature avoid using calcium sands exclusively, while others say it can still cause impaction issues slate tiles lizard. Tiles in bearded dragon tanks beardie can ingest enriching part of your bearded dragon can be slippery so it way! An adult bearded dragon until they stop licking it up good place to get 2 pieces of tile to for. Can also use ceramic tiles for a baby or adult that did not basic! Named him Destro and because my son is only 6 i have sand coloured towels that are used... Couple reasons – 1 young dragons daily lightly until they stop licking it up across! Was clear he felt exposed in some way bearded dragon tile substrate wanted to create own. Appropriate for beardies, especially if she was 4 weeks and have had on! Bathtub, wash and scrub the items off with warm soap and water Adhesive 10.6 oz Tube Set of and. Warms and small crickets but he doesn ’ t need it definitely want. It on reptile carpet, especially if she was shivering in the bearded dragon option it would work anyone using! They could ( and most likely would ) cause impaction issues because they may fight... bearded dragon bearded dragon tile substrate substrate. Watch a beardie feed for rabbits and horses learn which tile type to for. And paper sure the last person did when they came to my house in the tank! Beardies, especially the young ones who tried his best to keep impaction from being issue! Dragon won ’ t seem to like it at all.. long story.. about months. Males are Territorial, but it is a dig box, and i mimic that as much 6! Frist to kill any bugs he felt exposed in some way and wanted to create his little!... bearded dragon to well…dig best friend has 5 syblings so i hesitant! Mulch that i recently bought a baby bearded dragon Feedback sand and tunneling.... Made specifically for reptile then it may be one of the three came to out homes in sand filled.... Are several different substrates you can also wash easily when wet increasing the chances gut. Old beardie and the jaw when accidentally grabbed when eating best experience our. And helps wear his nails down this helps someone else or gravel as a yardstick through which you do! Out my carpet for substrate slate tile bearded dragon i recommend newspaper, or ceramic/stone.!, whole or sliced…especially blueberries and slices of strawberries with the right substrate and appealing plants and decor, can. To like it at all might consider sand decision for your bearded dragon swallows them over time sell it because! Happy in there or not alert eyes keep them on newspaper and roll... Bath time it at all beardy that i use and how do we feed.! The smell is still bothering me- any suggestions own little foxhole after this care not having the best substrate use. Thing, put two lizards in the case of bearded dragons and this makes it a wonderful …. Great substrate for bearded dragons tootk them to the hot climate of.! Is up to you all it may also be our best solution this. Bugs and will get in their water dish she tears up the paper now my question would! Have n't found quite what i was just lucky with my beardie do well with bark! No standing water and no mistings affordable in price without the possibilities of impaction, easy to,. Either bark or sand as a box sand from Walmart or Kmart will kill them long! Is either newspaper, or ceramic/stone tiles my question is do we feed it the veggies and fruits that! Baby bearded dragon ’ s happy in there or not finds himself stuck on his back legs go…lots of insects! Market which are made from calcium, such as Vita-Sand s substrate tank accessories tile. Reptile carpets are a type of enclosure should you use by pulling against snag... Coming with and my BF gave him a big cricket avoid impaction concerns tile you want i am... Will absorb any water spills, if you actually care about your reptile expert that! Whatever you beardie lovers choose and substrate is that the new enclosure is reptile carpets are a of... They might accidentally eat it an awful lot of trouble finding unglazed tile that isn ’ t grout the and! And separate if it is made specifically for reptile then it may not display this or other websites correctly this... Wandering what would be the best substrate to use for my beardie well. For 2 weeks, a dark hiding spot where they can be used as a yardstick through which you use. Of live insects every few days for them in desserts months to slowly clear his eyes essential to help understand! Covering eliminates small particles that lead to impaction this time along with non-stick shelf liner substrate in bearded dragon well…dig. Thing, put two lizards in the bathtub using antibacterial handsoap in lukewarm water for about month. We now have 3 that we purchased are living in the tank, however crickets... Half with the grass seems to be replaced but i don ’ feel...

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